Monday, February 11, 2013

They used to offer you the moon, now it's a new solar system

Just had a loon on the phone with a west Central Belt accent telling me that under new government rules I could qualify for a new solar system. I told him I'm quite happy with the present 9 planet arrangement that we all find so useful.
This observer is registered with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) so theoretically we shouldn't get such calls but there has been a spate recently of calls that seem to be coming from within the UK. You can make a complaint but you have to provide some information and that means prolonging the call and trying to get a few details. 
Surely politicians could get it together to make it totally illegal for anyone to make unsolicited phone calls to anyone else in an effort to sell goods and services. If we need such things we can ring and ask for them ourselves. Surely the digital technology that is available to the telephone companies should be able to detect who is making such unwanted calls and simply cut off their phone line? That goes for callers from overseas too that try and help you sort out your Computer too - couldn't they just be blocked? 


Anonymous said...


I do not know much about the solar system but I am pretty sure we don't have the wherewithal to replace it just yet.

I had one of those calls too, trying to get me to book a free survey. I was honest and said that we did not have the money to pay for anything upfront and neither the means nor the inclination to borrow any.

Really trying to cut down on petrol, oil and electricity use though. The house and garden have never looked so tidy - chores certainly keep you warm and away from the goggle box.

Anonymous said...

I always find this approach works well

Anonymous said...

im with post office home phone,and also get unsolicited phone calls,i complained and was told,for a £4 monthly fee,all nuicance calls can be stopped,why cant phone providers do this service free,after all phone bills vat etc is costing a lot