Wednesday, February 06, 2013

“That’s the old Scottish parish being reinvented” - Community Councils seven-up meeting – All Nairnshire CCs plus Croy meet

The heading of this post comes with a quote from Alistair Noble earlier tonight at a remarkable meeting of the seven Nairnshire Community Councils plus Croy. This meeting follows on, in a fashion, from the success of the recent three town CCs combined event which some of the “usual suspects” have taken to labelling the best ever. There is a good feeling in the air at these events these days. Here’s a bit more from Alistair Noble, a quote from well into the meeting but perhaps it captures in a philosophical sense the reasoning behind the widely held desire (shared by all those present tonight) to see decision making and power returned to Nairn :

“That’s just the old Scottish parish being reinvented, that’s just you taking responsibility for the good years and the bad years and all the things that people don’t have the money to do. It’s not a new concept but…”
“It works!” Interjected Tommy Hogg.
“What you can’t do in that model is spend the money twice,” continued Alistair.

A successful meeting and a succint and visionary opening statement by Dick Youngson, chair of Suburban CC, who hosted this meeting. Frustration with the present situation was expressed from all corners of town and country but there was an evident strong desire to find solutions and suggestions were put forward on possible road map scenarios to get Nairnshire to a new beginning. The Community Council folkies are doing their unpaid best for you Gurnshire, it’s time to pay attention and back them up in their efforts to get a better deal. We’ll bring you more from tonight’s meeting over the next day or two when time permits. 

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