Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nairn Doctors Surgery Appointments System – Provost gets complaints almost every day

There was discussion about the controversial appointments system last night at River CC’s monthly meeting in the URC Church Hall. Liz told those present:
“I get phone calls just about on a daily basis from people raising concerns about it. Initially I was telling them to complain to the GP practice but now I’m saying, as well as complain to them, they should also complain to Gary Coutts, Chair of NHS Highland, because I’ve heard from other people that have complained that there’s just a standard letter being sent back and they feel that it’s not properly being investigated. I was advised that they could complain to both points on the same issue.”

Liz went on the say that the problem was going to be on the agenda for the District Partnership meeting. The meeting of this newly formed committee is open to the public and takes place on the 8th of March, there is more information about this meeting on this web page here.

There then followed a discussion that included contributions from councillors and members of the public. It seemed to this observer however that the majority of those present had not had occasion to use the system yet but although they did not thus feel qualified to comment themselves, they agreed to write to Gary Coutts and the Surgery in view of the large number of complaints that seem to be surfacing in the community. 


Anonymous said...

I see that Ms Graham has talked to the ladies of Croy about the new system.(NT 12/2/13) Perhaps she may feel able to do the same to a meeting of the Lodgehill patients. I also hope that when she tries to sell the system to other practices she will be honest enough to tell them that there is not wholesale acceptance by either doctors or patients.

Graisg said...

You will see in the press release above anon (from Barbara Graham) that the practice readily admit that not everyone is happy with the new system.