Saturday, February 09, 2013

Thriller - Nairn 3 Wick 2 - a game that had everything - everything! - absolutely everything!

This game was outstanding, far more exciting than any of the exciting games that the Wee County faithful have experienced so far this season. It had everything, including a blitz of yellow and red cards from a referee that just couldn't keep his hand out of his pocket. It was billed as a potential epic and it lived up to that. More later when this observer settles down a little.
PS great to see Junior Mendes back with the squad too.

Updadte: The realisation that this observer had seen one of the most exciting matches of a lifetime is still sinking in. Match reports here and here.   


Nairnac said...

Absolutely stunning game - not much to add to the headline.

Hopefully another big crowd for game against the boys from the ferry next Saturday.

Panel Beater said...

STUNNING is the only word to describe it. I still can’t believe how few fans we are getting. I am speaking to fans at every game who have turned their back on SPL because there is much more drama watching Nairn County. It’s sad to that so few ex-players go up to see games.

rattle said...

@ Panel Beater

Poor attendance is the death knell for clubs all over the country

The likes of Sky TV has distorted footie beyond all recognition

Armchair supporters paying what was once their turnstile money to Rupert Murdoch now, and like the lack of High St shoppers there's no going back now

Nairn County have had a stunning season but still can't get enough bums on seats. No future if you ask me

Anonymous said...

Aye, too many folk going to ICT matches who wouldn't be seen dead crossing the threshold at Station Park. Mind you a lot of them wouldn't even know where Station Park was!