Friday, February 15, 2013

Pookie - a Book and Farts insider?

Pookie alerted the Gurn to an enigmatice event adverstised on the Nairn Book Shop web site as follows:

"Tuesday 26 February 8.00pm at the Nairn Community and Arts Centre, Nairn.
Sam Derbyshire BOOK LAUNCH AND SIGNING Tickets available from The Nairn Bookshop.

'What Goes on Tour' by Sam Derbyshire
The author is a well known resident of Nairn who has written under the pen name of Sam Derbyshire. Come along to the event when the author's real identity will be revealed."

Pookie told the Gurn: " "Having sampled this first 'tee off' from the elusive Ms Derbyshire, I am quite literally salivating in anticipation ...

...of the next installment!" More information on this event on this page.

Speaking of books there is a new blog on the block. "Win You Round With Prose..." is the brain child of 16 year old Claire, she says:
" name is Claire and I'm a 16 year old currently living in a small town in Scotland. I decided to make this blog simply because I have loved reading and finding new books and authors since a young age and I wanted to share some of the books which I love with you too. It is my dream to become a writer myself later in life too, we shall just see how it goes though but that is what I really want! Also, I would be very happy for anyone to recommend books or suggest books they would like to see reviewed or give your opinion of a book - I think this would be really helpful and a lot of fun too!!"  You can find her blog here. 

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