Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A little more on the Library's future - staying on the High Street or flitting in a couple of years?

Earlier this month we reported extensively on the future of the library and the library car park in this article here  with reference back to what was said at the election hustings meeting last year. 

Last week at the River CC meeting Liz made a couple of brief comments as Community Councillors were thinking out aloud over the use of the Courthouse, Viewfield and the present Library building. Liz said:

"We're looking at options for the Library now but haven't got anything concrete to come forward with."

"We're hoping to get an outline business case done in March. We are seriously looking at what options there could be for the Library. "

Will the Library stay when the lease runs out, move to another Council building or will there be a new purpose-built building? Should the Community Councils be involved in the meetings that consider all options?


Lifelong learner said...

If the planners are looking for ideas, how about something like the new John Gray Centre in Haddington (www.johngraycentre.org), where library, museum and archive are in the same fit-for-purpose building. It could serve as a hub for all sorts of community learning events and also for mainstream and genealogy tourism. Somewhere central would be best.

bookworm said...

Provost Liz says "We're looking at options for the Library now... We're hoping to get an outline business case done..."

But who are "we"? Nairn's elected councillors? The SNP party group? The ruling coalition? Unelected Highland Council officials meeting behind closed doors?

The future of the Library should be a matter for public discussion in which the local people, library users, Community Councils and others should be involved. What options are being considered? We should be told - before any decisions are made.

The Provost seems to be perpetuating the usual Highland Council habit of considering issues without consulting the local community, and then coming forward with "take it or leave it" proposals.

How about inviting suggestions and conducting a bit of open, public dialogue, Madam Provost? You might even find that local people come up with ideas your officials hadn't thought of - and which might suit the community better than something cooked up in Glenurquhart Road.

Murd said...

Hello book worm I refer to your statement.
How about inviting suggestions and conducting a bit of open, public dialogue.
We the public can attend any of the THREE community councils and have an input to as what will take place not only about the library but every thing to do with the welfare of the town.
Have you ever attended one and put forward any suggestions???
We elected the council members to represent us but if you and others will not tell them what is wanted then they have no other choice but put forward what they think is best for the town.I attended the river C.C meeting when the Provost was asked what the going to happen when the lease run out and she quite publicly told the meeting of what were possible locations if the lease was not renewed I my self asked if there was A future for a library? with all the modern technology available to find out what you may want. And being able to download books. So if you are not prepared to make your thought's known in public. you will just have to accept what they think is the best solution. BY THE WAY THERE WILL BE TWO PUBLIC MEETINGS NEXT WEEK. SO WILL LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO PUT FORWARD.