Friday, February 08, 2013

Proposed Cuts in Moray - a director's post to go saving 115K - could Highland Council do similar?

The cuts are going to the bone in Moray too and the Northern Scot makes frightening reading today as they list all the cuts that are going to be considered across the local authority's area. One piece of information is quite striking however:

"Chief Executive -Remove director’s post: £115,000 "   Could Highland Council do that? Share the pain at all levels? 


APTSec said...

Hi Gurn

I don't take the Northern Scot and the bit on line focuses Classroom assistants. Is there any chance of a little more detail?

Graisg said...

just a big list of cuts no focus on that particular one.

Anonymous said...

get rid of half the councillers,do we really need them,half sit in well heated bright lighted deep carpeted luxury offices working out how many paper clips can be saved over the next year,only a few people did the job,now its quadrupled at least.
how to save money,????get shot of most of the useless councillers

Graisg said...

Might be less councillors now (on a wage anyway), we used to have 10 in the Courthouse besides the ones who got sent to Inverness.
There are now about 50-60? unpaid community councillors across Nairnshire and they are very good value for money.

Anonymous said...

ok craisg
50-60 unpaid community councillors,,,good value for money???
you just said they are unpaid,