Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oidhche mhath a chàirdean

Good night Gurnshire, it was a very pleasant day and the afternoon temperatures will have given some impetus to the snowdrops, crocuses and even daffodils that are rapidly coming out of the ground just now. The light finally went around half-past five but not without a wonderful farewell show. 

A spate of posts on the Gurn here tonight (scroll down to see them) and the article yesterday on the traffic light delays is still attracting comments. The Association of Nairn Businesses have put into the public domain a message they have sent to Scottish Government ministers and Transport Scotland concerning the latest problems. Read the comments and what the ANB have to say here. Co-dhiù sin agad e bhuamsa a-nochd, bidh mi air ais aig an aon am a-màireach. Oidhche mhath a chàirdean. 


Anonymous said...

'Oidhiche mhath' - a bheil sin ceart?!

Graisg said...

Chan eil sin ceart idir a charaid. B'fheairrde leam le "oidhche mhath".
Tapadh leat airson do chuid ceartachadh.
Feumaidh mi aideachadh gu bheil mo chuid litreachadh sa Ghàidhlig direach cho dona 's a tha mo sgilean Beurla.
Mise fada nad chomain.