Saturday, February 09, 2013

Lochloy junction pothole status

Regular readers have expressed concern over the state of the potholes at the Lochloy junction on the A96 through Nairn. It seems that there has been a recent repair of the crater that was actually at the lights on the Forres bound side of the road, picture here. There is still a huge hole on that side of the road at the turn-off to Bridgemill however, see below. On the way into town from the east there is also a hole to watch out for as you near the lights and a further hazard at a man hole cover just inside the junction. If we can't have a bypass can we please have a bit more attention to this part of the road that regularly seems to generate new potholes?


Anonymous said...

Is the picture a earhole?

Anonymous said...

What more do you want it tells drivers to keep clear

Anonymous said...

no its a nasshole