Sunday, February 17, 2013

By-pass economic benefits

One of our regular readers is so scunnered with the recent worsening of the traffic light delays in Nairn (see comments here on this Gurn article) he has been scouring the net for information. He came across this information on an A96 bypasses study which suggests that our local economy would benefit quite considerably from a bypass. Namely there would be savings in travelling time that would have a beneficial monetary knock-on effect to individuals and businesses that would no longer have to suffer delays. The document states: 

"The overall conclusion from this research is that there are likely to be significant economic and social benefits to the implementation of the three bypasses at Nairn, Elgin and Keith, which would be welcomed and supported by key stakeholders and businesses in the study area." 

The document is a study from 2008 but to see the sums involved click here and start reading section E1 on page 4 of the doucment.

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