Friday, February 08, 2013

Highland Council high heid yins take a hit too - plus some cuts for Nairn

Earlier today we speculated whether Highland Council could possible follow the proposed cut of a director's post (115K) along the road at Moray Council. They were pretty quick to contact us on twitter. It seems the pain will be shared at higher levels at Glenurquhart Road too.

 The cuts document linked in the Highland Council tweet above state that Nairn Community Centre will have a 3% cut in funding (p24) from £73,000 to £71,540 and by another 3% in the financial year 14/15 to £68,686.
Nairn sports club to get year on year 3% cut too from £7,651 to  £7,498 to £7,199. And a one-off 3% cut for Nairn museum.

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Insider said...

Thats all well and good but thats not the issue.If the HC suddenly became a privately run company, half the staff would be out the door.
Its all job retention and creation, if one role ceases to exist, another will be created.