Monday, February 11, 2013

Surgery appointments controversy continues

Last week the controversy over the new appointments system at the Nairnshire GPs surgery continued across the pages of the Nairnshire Telegraph. People certainly have strong opinions and during the week we have heard comments from folk who fall on both sides of this divide. Colin is quite happy with the appointments system however, he stated on his facebook page earlier this week:

“I've recently used the new appointments system in Nairn. The system has received a lot of recent flak - but I have to say that it really worked very well for me. I hope that it settles down - and that any teething troubles become fewer and fewer.” More on Colin’s facebook page.

Perhaps the debate will continue in this week’s edition of the local paper.


Anonymous said...

Not the experience I found. Roughly told tough, since I cannot accept phone calls at work and have no other arrangements. Or I could mention what about people without telephones, one or two people do not have them. What are they supposed to do.

Anonymous said...

We're not allowed personal calls at work and mobiles are supposed to be switched off. I work in an open plan office and I never know who's in the loo even if I used my mobile there

I took the morning off work to make an appointment but my GP didn't call till the afternoon despite me chasing reception. So a whole day off sick just to make a simple appointment

Notamalingerer said...

What a load of whingers there are about the new appointments system.
They are probably the same malingering people who previously made appointments and never kept them. Thereby causing the blockage of really ill people who couldn't get to see a doctor for a week or more. As for not accepting call backs at work - what a load of old tosh ! Never heard such rubbish in all my life ! If you are ill enough to call for an appointment then you shouldn't be at work in the first place !
The new system is an incredible improvement over the old one. Under the old system I could never get to speak to a doctor the same day ! I have used the new system half a dozen times and it's fantastic. On half of these occasions I got to see a doctor within 2 or 3 hours. Brilliant service which could never have happened under the old system.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Notamalingers OK do you work or are retired. Since not everyone can accept phone-calls. Then explain something to me we only here positive mention of the new system but what about the people who find it difficult. I have heard they are ignored but then again if I find it difficulty in the future to get an appointment then I will be going to the Highland Health Body and lodging an comment about being refused treatment under the Human Rights Act under the right to medical care.