Monday, February 04, 2013

Call to fix lighting on the A96 bridge

Alistair Noble features in a Courier article about the current lack of lighting on the town bridge. More on the Inverness Courier site. 
The bridge of  darkness earlier this evening - two lights working on the eastern side however

Meanwhile Colin has commented on bypass prospects on his facebook page. He wrote earlier today: "The Scottish Government has today provided an update on its major infrastructure projects, including the A96 Dual-carriageway all of the way from Inverness to Aberdeen. The cost estimate is "in the range" of £3,000,000,000 - a lot of money - but great to see that it is a headline commitment and in the pipeline.
No previous Scottish Government has ever made this commitment - although I'm sure that we shall all see the crocodile tears of Danny Alexander, Mary Scanlon and Dave Stewart.
Timescale - still very flexible - "from 2017 onwards".
We all need to keep the pressure on for the Nairn bypass to be one of the first - preferably THE FIRST section - of the phased programme." More from Colin here. 


Anonymous said...

While the lack of lighting on the bridge is an utter disgrace, the remaining stumps left by the contractors, of the old lamposts looks terrible. The project to paint the bridge also took far too long. 2 men and a paint brush was a total shambles and the length of time to complete much have cost a fortune. I could have done it myself in 1/2 the time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the lack of lighting is to hide the numerous potholes between the roundabout & Grants Garage. It is shocking plus the broken manhole cover on the roundabout...