Thursday, July 11, 2013

19th July - Nairn Central Beach "is being turned into fun central"

"A fun packed day of seaside adventures, exploring and games with the Highland Seashore Project and The Highland Council’s Countryside Rangers takes place in Nairn on the 19 July when the Seashore Roadshow rolls into town.
Nairn Central Beach is well known for its stretch of beautiful, deep gold sand, dunes and the fantastic links which is great for kicking a ball or flying a kite. On the 19th July the area  is being turned into fun central, with a marquee hosting all kind of seashore themed activities including face painting, seashore puppets, beach art and kite making."  More here.

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Anonymous said...

Was down the Links Wednesday evening at 7.30 and they were still cutting the grass. Huge lumps of cut grass were everywhere as they don't seem to pick it up nowadays. Looking at other areas that have been done on the approach to Nairn at Achareidh, some of the garss cuttings there were unbelieveable. Good luck to Tommy with his project