Thursday, July 18, 2013

Getting IT Together - Nairn - Images

Full screen slideshow here. Individual images here.   If you know anyone that would like to get online then have a look at this facebook page for contact details about how they can "Get IT Together" here in Nairn. 


Busby said...

Nice to see photos and read about well paid people teaching the community. I might be elderly but I've managed to grasp all the technology I've had to use so far, even programming the VCR

I see BT were involved in this. Scotland is paying a huge amount of money for their services which they in turn sell to ordinary folk, so is this yet another advertising opportunity for them?

Unknown said...

Hello there Busby! I work with Get IT Together up in Sutherland and I was at the launch in Nairn, supporting Brigitte and lending a wee hand. We do get paid for the work we do- but we work hard to reach those folk, elderly and otherwise, who might not feel as confident as you in getting to grips with technology. It's a great job - and I feel really lucky to be doing what I do. We work in all sorts of places (I've worked in manses, village halls, bakeries, county shows... you name it!)and show people the benefits of being online- showing them how to do their shopping, to save money,to access education, find employment, fill in council forms, to stay in touch with family and friends, to buy knitting patterns or share recipes- the internet can enhance all sorts of life experiences. We also show folk how to stay safe online. BT do indeed contribute a bit to our project, as part of their overall commitment to digital inclusion- but we also have really valuable local funders such as Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Highlife Highland. We don't advertise BT,nor market for them, nor can we sort out customer issues with BT- but we do see their financial support as offering something tangible to the community. ALL our classes are completely free for folk coming along, and we really hope we can help as many people as we can while we are in post - helping someone online can make a huge difference. We would love volunteers to work alongside us - and would be really grateful if you fancied getting involved!

It's good to talk said...

As far as residential customers are concerned (and for many businesses) BT own the networks that we all use in the Highlands. Even if you are with another carrier they have to rent the services from BT.

Get IT together (GIT) is nothing but a thin veneer for BT getting new customers, as each person that goes on-line is another sale. Broadband is where BT makes most of it's profits and in Scotland that equals a lot of money.

Graisg said...

@goodtotalk Big biz and all that - bring on the revolution hey? In the meantime met people at the launch that have benifited to a great extent by the help up to now in classes.
Having an e-mail address is a big difference when it comes to making job applications for one thing.
Being online might help you get a pair of shoes without leaving Nairn these days too :-)

1984 said...

Westminster government will be pleased with all the efforts being made to help them and big business. Being on-line is mandatory for some people, being unemployed for example, VAT is another.

Is just so they can spy on all their citizens? No email address and maybe you don't exist!

Graisg said...

Dunno 1984. Maybe the supermarkets know more about us through the checkout information than the government ever will.
If not our government then somebody else's might be spying on us?
Liz's tweet today about Danny might have gone straight onto half a dozen databases?