Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Don't leave your dog in the car in hot weather - "Dogs die in hot cars"

One of our regular readers is concerned that dog owners  should be aware of the dangers of leaving dogs in cars in hot weather. Our correspondent writes: 

"A timely reminder - Dogs die in hot cars.

Don’t leave your dog in a car in this weather, even leaving a window open doesn’t help if the temperature rises. The SSPCA have information on their site here.

There is a very informative video here which gives information on how quickly problems can start to happen and why (note to the squeamish, there are no gory details!). Best thing in this weather would be to leave your pooch at home. It probably won't be for long as, no doubt, normal summer will resume shortly."

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Anonymous said...

Good tip if you're out and about with your dog and it's getting too hot, get some water, not too cold, and soak it. This will help cool the animal down for a while, repeat as necessary.