Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Heavy loads adding to traffic delays in Nairn

One of our regular readers took the image below today as he was stuck waiting in traffic. Our correspondent said: "West bound traffic was brought to standstill as yet another wide load carrying a piece of turbine (?) trundled through the town with a Police escort this lunchtime. Bypass time?"


Anonymous said...

Want a bypass? Vote Yes next year and we will have a government that will be able to give everything to everyone! UTOPIA will exist in the mind if not in real life.

Anonymous said...

The independence vote next year is not a vote for either a government or a political party, but you're right anon note 'Yes'

Yes Man said...


Anonymous said...

No Man said....NO

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the same Scottish government whom go against the wishes of the local people and allow these monster turbines to litter our once beautiful landscape with the promise of loads of jobs.

yes yes yes said...

Let's be positive. A Yes vote means no more David Camerons ruling us, or heaven forbid Nigel Forage.

Anonymous said...

All very well, but it won 't get us out of Europe. That needs to happen soon, we can 't go on draining our country of every last penny. I can 't remember the figures exactly but we give astronomical amounts daily, just to be told what to do.

another yes said...

Maybe if the 'scare' figures for being part of the EU were so bad you might remember them? Scotland benefits from being in the EU and it's another issue with regard the Independence vote. Should the majority vote no there is every chance that both the Westminster Tory and maybe Labour governments may take us out of the EU as it would seem that as a whole that's what the UK wants. Yet another reason as to why Scotland should be Independent. We want to be able to make our own decisions in such matters and not be ruled by a Westminster government that the majority of Scots didn't vote for

Anonymous said...

So we 'll be ruled by the Europeans , not a good plan.

Yeah said...

Err... case be you hadn't noticed we are Europeans already, and the ruling such as it is, is happening now

I think you may need to do a little homework anon!

Tex said...

Dear 'Another Yes'. Dont panic.

A new YouGov poll out today forecasts the result ofthe 2015 GE as:

Labour 374
Cons 225
LibDem 25
Others 8

So you can vote for the party that WILL stay in the EU, tax the rich, build HS2 and pay MPs a good rise.

AND you'll be in with the majority of voters in the UK AND Scotland.

And remember, Labour fights union corruption too.

Does that make you feel better?

Me? I want independence, but can't see it happening with the current bad publicity. New windmills on the Links anyone?

Vote Yes said...

@Tex... dare I say 'Falkirk'!

All very well a poll predicting New Labour returning to Westminster at the next general elections, but then what, a few years in power and we'll more than likely see the Tories back in power

Scotland is historically a socialist minded country. Independence would see an end to Tory rule and the formation of our own major parties such as Labour

Who in Scotland is behind the bedroom tax, very few if any. But we continually suffer successive Tory governments that in simplistic terms take more from the poor to give to the rich

A majority Yes vote would end this, and Scotland from a humanitarian perspective would be a much richer place

Anonymous said...

The majority of people areI know are fed up being 'Europeans'. And how can you have scottish independence and still be ruled by Europe as we are now. I hope if SNP happen to get into power they too will let the people decide for ourselves if we want to stay in Europe. At least that David Cameron is willing to let us decide.

Yes again said...

@Anon 5:42

I've no-idea as to who your pals are anon, but if they're anti Europe and supporters of Mr Cameron then they are a minority group if you're in Scotland

The SNP are pro Europe, and enjoyed a huge vote in the last Scottish elections. I assume that their Europe stance was reflected in the votes for them

More importantly a Yes vote gives us the chance to shape our future and not be dictated to from Westminster

Anonymous said...

If we get independence.....we won't get out of Europe. People have to think about that seriously.

Yeeeeesss said...

Yes, but we will get away from Westminster, people have to think about that seriously as that's the main issue here

Tex said...

@Another YES

Whaddaya mean, a few years and the Tories will be back in Westminster?

The reason for the drop in Tory support is, simply, Cameron himself.The man is certifiable, stuck in the middle of a bunch of confused young political students with no experience of the real world. A good leader knows who his core supporters are. Cameron sets out to annoy all lifelong Conservatives with policies not in his manifesto. Gay marriage? Destruction of the rural shires with HS2? Not taking a firm line with the EU over British payments - you can knock Maggie, but she's the only leader to date who told the EU when to stop robbing us with the CAP. Immigration is a huge issue in the south, and Cameron is blind to it. Why is there a crisis in A & E in England? Where have all the extra patients come from?

No, you're reading it wrongly. Soon the men in white coats will call on Cameron, and he won't be heard of again. After that do you seriously suggest that anyone would vote Tory again? The party will vanish. I can't even think about the LibDems.

Sadly, has it ocurred to you that the SNP is setting out to annoy sympathisers who MIGHT have voted Yes. The case for wind generation might look conclusive, but the durned things spoil the view.

So many potential voters are seriously annoyed by the SNP's relentless granting of PP to extend windfarms especially in the Highlands, that it COULD end up losing the Referendum for them - and the next Holyrood vote too.

I was going to say that they could be challenged by a resurgent Scottish Labour Party, but the revalations about their Falkirk selection process could set Labour back years...... electoral offences, Data Protection crimes, outright fraud have all come up this weekend.

We live in interesting times. Thanks Another Yes for your contribution.

Dream Ticket said...

Boris and Farage - maybe even Farage as PM :-)

40 shades of YES said...


A Yes vote in September of next year is a vote for Scottish Independence, not a vote for the SNP, there is a big difference.

Let Scotland free itself from Westminster rule

Tex said...

@ 40 shades

Of course you are correct. An independence referendum is not meant to be a vote for a party to run Scotland.

However, I believe that in some voters' minds, the two are linked together.

Should the 'deadly duo' of Salmond and Sturgeon fail to convince voters that they are the right people to run an independant
Scotland, then since the SNP is the ONLY party advocating independence, I think it is unlikely that the doubters will vote for independence.

The problem for the SNP is that if they continue to annoy the undecided voters with what are seen as unpopular policies (e.g. the proliferation of windfarms in highly visible scenic areas) then the doubters can quickly change to opposers, and make sure that they vote NO on Referendum day, just to spite the offending SNP leadership.

After a rejection of independence by the electorate, it is but a short step to voting for anyone but the SNP at the following Holyrood election.

It is so easy to throw away this once in a generation chance of independence. I believe that it is a golden opportunity, but the SNP leaders appear blind to the voters' fears on windfarms, and could well face rejection as a result.

Anonymous said...

Those Parties who are "FOR" Independence:
SNP - obviously;
The Greens;
The various Socialist Parties.
+ Sub-groups that are growing in number every day - including:
"Labour for Independence" (Probably with more members / activists than so-called "Scottish" Labour);
"Lib-Dems for Independence";
"Tories for Independence";
"Business for Independence";
Etc etc etc.
The people who should make the decisions about Scotland's future are the people who live here.
If Scotland wants to be in the EU it will stay in Europe. If Scotland wants a ROyal Family it will retain one. If Scotland wants to stay out of illegal wars, it will stay out.
Scotland has never, ever voted for the kind of Daily Mail policies that Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron have all foisted on us.
If Scotland wants to build a better and fairer country - then it will be empowered to do just that!

Yes we can said...


More homework for you Tex, the Green Party also advocate independence along with some Independents. Along side this there are other factions such as Labour for Independence

All very well disliking wind farms but whats the alternative? (a subject the Gurn has touched on before). We (Scotland) are not keen on nuclear, so if you're not a renewables fan that leaves coal fired power stations, a new use for Sandown? And what party would be mad enough to advocate such a policy?

Anonymous said...

This is my problem with SNP policies and independence,we won't get a say on windfarms or Europe. That's just two things there are many more.
Yes voters seem to think that all our problems will be gone if we get rid of Westminster, and keep Europe.
It will take a very clever man and party to sort out this country's problems. Maybe a miracle.
It's a BIG world out there and we are just the tiniest part of it. I hope and pray that whatever happens on voting day that the outcome is good for generations to come, whatever it is we ll be held to account.

Anonymous said...

Lots of comemnt about Europe - Europe will still be there when we vote next year but will the EU as we know it still be there?

The only way is Yes said...

I'm sure the great majority of Yes voters are not nieve enough to think that a Yes win next year will mean an end to all the problems we face now and indeed then

What it will do without doubt is give Scotland it's own political voice, no more Westminster parties. It might well be that SNP will dissolve or take a different shape following Independence, most of their work will be done

Europe, renewables, who knows as to how a future independent Scotland might want to shape itself. At the moment we're under the thumb of Westminster.

Are some folk too feart to give it a try? Vote no and carry on as we are. Do you really want more Tory policies inflicted upon us now and in years to come?

Tex said...

@yes we can.

Yes, windfarms were discussed here some time ago. I believe the Gurn contributed his thoughts as well.

My original post was meant to convey:
1) I am in favour of an independent Scotland.

2) My view is that the spread of windfarms in critical scenic areas reminds voters of their dislike for Scottish scenery being ruined.

3) It is inevitable that the SNP is blamed for the rapid spread of windfarms by those who dislike their appearance.

4) It may be unfair that in blaming the SNP, voters are disinclined to vote YES in the independence Referendum, but it doesn't take much to annoy the voters, as the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems have discovered in recent Westminster GEs.

5) Voters can be spiteful, wishing to punish politicians who annoy them.

6) I can't believe that the SNP hierarchy actually considered that they were harming the achievement of independence. To some, it is obvious and self-evident.

7) Voters don't think like politicians. To some gurners here, it may seem reasonable that voters use the Referendum to settle the fairly abstract matter of independence. To some voters it may instead appear reasonable to vote NO just because the SNP want independence. 'That will show them' is a possible explanation.

8). It might have been more tactful to have held back on windfarms until Salmond had won his referendum.

So that's it. Thanks to all who've contributed here. We'll find out next year if I'm right or wrong....

But I have some more thoughts on windfarms, which with the Gurn's approval, I'll post here shortly.

Graisg said...

I'd take them as an article in their own right if you like Tex - like all comments and articles however, we'll consider everything before publication. As debate can sometimes be quite technical on windfarms, could you include web addresses etc for references.
Feel free to send via e-mail too if you wish.

No way said...

The rough results for general elections in the past 100 years has been 14 wins for the Conservatives and 9 for Labour. I've no reason to suspect that we won't see similar results in the next 100 years

Could anyone in the No camp please tell me what the Conservatives have ever done for Scotland as a party, and why we should look forward to being governed by the Tories here in Scotland as clearly we will unless we vote Yes in 2014

I look forward to your reply

sweepie said...

Tex, are you by any chance Mr Trump, the Donald?

just saying said...

Wind farms (renewables) are not a specific SNP policy.

The target for renewables was set by the EU and the UK will fail to meet our target this year, so we need more not less

Anonymous said...

The last comment goes back to the earlier comment which started this discussion . So we should get out of Europe,
it's all about what they want. Europe doesn t care what happens to Britain, so why would they care what happens to Scotland.
Vote yes to Independence, if you can stand more of Europes stupid laws, and are willing to be told what we can do and not do.

Anonymous said...

More wind farms. No No No

yes means yes said...

The UK is a member of the EU now

Should the no vote win, Scotland will still be part of the UK and a part of the EU

True, there might be a referendum on the UK's continued membership of the EU, but that is a big might, and no-one knows the outcome should that go ahead

It would seem that if Scotland becomes Independent it will not automatically be a member of the EU, and therefore I would suggest there is more chance of getting out of Europe by voting Yes

No matter what, a Yes vote means no more Tory rule of Scotland which is many times worse than anything that the EU can impose upon us, and as already said, will there still be an EU in 2014?

Brian Turner said...

Forget windfarms - what about the fact that successive Holyrood governments spend all their money on Edinburgh?

Instead of dualling the A9 for £600 million, the Lab-Lib government instead spent £2 billion on 1.5 miles of tramline through Edinburgh.

When the SNP got into power, they decided to blow 10 years transport budget on building a new bridge to Edinburgh without checking first if it was needed.

The irony is the Highlands are a heartland for the "Yes" campaign, yet it is the Highlands that benefit least from any Scottish government, regardless as to whether independent, devolved, or not.

Black Dog said...

A yes vote may come from the heart, but not from the brain. Will The Mighty Masters of Brussels throw us enough crumbs to keep going? Wind farms are nonsense - unless you own one, in which case, you get a large cut of our over-inflated power bills. Greens and Socialists reckon that miners are OK, but coal is not! Confused? And who pays the taxes to keep all you lucky public sector workers employed? Or pay for your pensions and the dole? Normal people, that's who. We who actually do real jobs or run small businesses. Immigration? The SNP's policies are more nonsense. Have none of them ever been to Bradford or Birmingham, to name but 2 of a 100 towns and cities which have become unrecognizable. Do you want that for us?

Yes please said...

@Brian Turner

Countries tend to spend the most per head in their capital cities, London spends more than anywhere in the UK per person

The Highlands might seem to get less money than Edinburgh, but maybe that's because the population is much smaller

It's easy to be an armchair politician with the benefit of hindsight and no doubt wanting more to be spent where you live. The SNP have started work on both duelling the A9 and also the Nairn bypass. Maybe not the order you'd have liked to see Scottish governments prioritise work, but nonetheless now underway

What does interest me about your post is your statement that "the Highlands are a heartland for the "Yes" campaign" Where did you get your figures from to make this statement?

yes dog said...

Dunno what you think has changed about Bradford Black dog, but on a recent visit I thought it looked pretty much the same as ever with its fine buildings; and as always you can get a cracking curry