Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good omens for River CC’s attempt to win back local control of grass cutting?

On Wednesday evening in the URC Church Hall the usual suspects (River Community Council division) met for their monthly meeting and grass cutting was once again on the agenda. Chair Tommy Hogg stated that he had been to see the new ward manager concerning his group’s Community Challenge bid to Highland Council. He seemed optimistic but also had some bad news to. He said:

”One that that has been made quite clear is that West and Suburban - they really don’t want to be involved in it.”

Despite the news that the town’s two other Community Councils do not wish to align themselves with River’s bid to bring the cutting of amenity areas back to local control, Liz was very supportive and she said:

"Myself and Colin had a meeting with Michelle Morrison and Richard Guest as well about taking this forward as well so we’ll really happy to work with you to – they were very positive about there being an opportunity here for River CC here if they want to do that.”

Simon Noble found Liz’s statement encouraging but added: “It is disappointing that the other two Community Councils are not willing to participate.”

The political support from the two Nairnshire Councillors who are part of the ruling Glenurquhart Road administration is crucial for River CC’s ambitions. The Gurn also understands that Laurie and Michael are willing to join their colleagues in backing this proposal too. The omens and the mood music are looking good – there’s a lot of work to be done but could Nairn be on its way to getting back control of grass cutting in the town (or at least that part in the River CC area)?  It may be of course that, if Tommy and his colleagues’ proposal gets off the runway, then the Westies and the Subbies will change their minds and obtain last minute tickets? As Tommy said:

 ”There’s no reason it can’t be done locally by local people and I think you would get a far better result.”


Anonymous said...

on the note of grass cutting, What is the point in these over grown wild patches of grass along the A96? for example across from the entrance to tradespark there is a flower bed with a plaque that is barley visable, Then along the bank at Broadhill some of it is cut right up to the fence line of the houses and others not!

Looks terrible!

Graisg said...

Morning anon, most of the cutting close to the A96 is the responsibility of BEAR, the contractors for the Scottish Government.
They were waiting for the daffodils to die back before cutting. The daffodils were late this year so consequently the unkempt patches were/are there longer.

Anonymous said...

Percy MacThrower says - Even the Scottish National Trust in their Heritage Gardens have only just cut their bulbed areas. It is good for the bulbs if their foliage is left to die back naturally.

Anonymous said...

What a bloomin' mess - perhaps the Council and Bear need to take a basic course in horticulture - the foliage died back weeks ago allowing for bulb foodstores to be replenished for next years spring display. Grass cutting in Nairn and Highland in general is an absolute disgrace / the officers responsible should hang their heads in shame

Graisg said...

There were still plenty of green daffodil stems up to about a fornight ago anon. Can testify this from personal experience and still the odd green stalk about. They just came out so late this year - or came out like they used to do years ago?

Anonymous said...

If this the case then just to be sure we should allow a further 4 weeks to ensure full die back is achieved. This would result in the final bulb cut back being actioned by mid August - this farcical grass cutting schedule must be reviewed / if not then resort to the tried and tested method of spraying the verges with whisky and the grass will come up half cut!

Anonymous said...

If it went another week I would have been out there cutting it myself! Its a joke!