Friday, July 26, 2013

The Wisdom of Iain Bain: “Local Voices”

A shorter editorial this week from Iain but still full of thought-provoking material. LibDems out to muddy the waters on Scottish Independence or devolved government based on Edinburgh? And the SNP talking localism but delivering centralism? Take another look at page six of this week’s Leopold Street Thunderer if you haven’t read Iain’s latest musings yet. 

No doubt many of the usual suspects will be awaiting the SNP governments Community Empowerment Bill with interest to see if there is any hope there of bringing back more decision making to Nairn. We await too the fruit of the Glenurquhart Road SNP led administration’s new ward area set-up to see if that delivers real change. One of our Councillors, Colin MacAulay, has stated publicly in the digital domain that he wishes to see some sort of decision making body running Nairnshire at some time in the future. Perhaps it might not be too long before a potential road map to a rebirth of the Nairn District Council or some similar body might be visible.

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Anonymous said...

Some of our islands are negotiating extra local power