Monday, July 01, 2013

Liz and fires in the Culbin - her eye-witness account

Liz told the Gurn a bit more about the fire she came across and yesterday and other recent similar events:

"After we phoned for the Fire Service, we heard the sirens after 5 minutes at Lochloy gate, but then heard them leaving and then we could hear them from the distance. They tried to get in at Kingsteps to the wood, then they tried to find another way in. Eventually they came back to Lochloy and walked down the path with water packs on as they couldn't open the lock.

I phoned them again after about 15minutes after my first call, told them that they had been close by and left, and asked why they didn't just cut the chain, I was told they can only cut a chain if there is a life in danger.

Gordie Maclean is going to look into getting a key, I assumed that they would already have one. They were fast to react and I don't blame the guys at all for trying to find another way to the fire, after all they wouldn't know the scale of the fire until they found it. They may have required the equipment that is available in the engine.

They did a terrific job and were very professional. I was worried because it was so windy today, I didn't know if the fire would spread or grow if it was left.

There have been several fires around Nairn recently. A couple of weeks ago a fire was lit in Kingsteps wood and the fire service was out at it. About a month ago I found 2 burnt out fires in the wood.

I wonder who would be liable if substantial damage was done - would preventing access make you responsible?"

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