Monday, July 15, 2013

NICE not the only option for the old Social Work building - other groups interested

Last Wednesday night there was some discussion about the old Social Work building’s future at the River Community Council meeting in the URC hall. Murd Dunbar on the public benches was vociferous in his call for the building to be turned into housing. Murray MacRae, on the other hand, thought it would be a good spot to move the library to, saving money on rental etc as it is already a public building unlike the library’s present location. “It’s the ideal spot there right in the centre of Nairn,” he said.

 Liz made an interesting intervention in response to comments about NICE’s involvement in the building, she said: 
“It’s a good building and I think, they put down this community interest and they’ve got until the end of  July to come up with whatever they come up with but there are more options for that building than just library or housing. There are other groups interested as well and the Council officer Matt Johnson is keeping all his options open just now.”

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