Wednesday, July 03, 2013

"Government to consult Forres Community Council on Common Good"

Thanks to one of our regular readers for pointing us in the direction of the Forres Gazette website this morning. Good news for Forresians worried about Common Good affairs along the road, their Community Council is to be consulted by Scottish Government officials responsible for drafting the forthcoming Community Renewal and Empowerment Bill.

""We welcome the news," said Forres Community Council secretary Colin Lipscomb. "We’ve maintained for a long time that the legislation on Common Good is so airy fairy you could drive a bus through it." More on the Forres Gazette website here. Gurnites that read that article will find echoes of similar sentiments that have been expressed in Nairn for many years

Our correspondent contrasts this information with the way things went with Sandown recently. There will be those in Nairn that have campaigned for a single Community Council that will point to this as an example of how it is easier to communicate with the authorities when you have one body representing the town rather than three. 

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