Friday, July 05, 2013

Could Nairn do with a Leith style "Jobby Lobby"

Greener Leith is an entertaining community blog that reports regularly on events in that part of the capital city. The site has reported on a new campaign "The Leith anti-jobby lobby". Posters have appeared bearing captions like: "My owner is the filthy animal" and "The other arsehole should pick it up". A novel and more direct attempt to shame those dog owners who don't clean up their dogs turds into changing their bad habits. You can see the eye-catching designs on the group's Facebook page here. 

Interestingly in his article, Ally Tibbit reports: "Leith has historically had a raw deal from council enforcement services, but service managers have promised a crack down recently." Another article on Greener Leith gives a breakdown of enforcement figures here.  Gurnites who look at the figures will notice that there are actually fines imposed for dog fouling. Here in Nairn a Gurn Freedom of Information request at the beginning of the year revealed that there had been no fines for doggie jobbies in Nairn in the five years prior to that request. Even though owners get fined in Leith there is still a major problem. It looks like no matter where you live in Scotland then, dog turds are a problem and with or without enforcement they are in no hurry to go away - maybe the small fine is no deterrent and remember there is no "naming and shaming" element to the enforcement. So it is left to citizens groups to intervene. Would a similar shock poster campaign be of some use in Nairn? 

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