Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Nairn Bypass - "a tiny step forward"

At the West Community Council meeting last week Rosemary read out a couple of paragraphs from a copy of a letter she had received from Dick at Suburban CC. It was a response to a letter he had written to Transport Scotland in relation to South Nairn Development and the A96 Nairn Bypass. It was an interesting letter, yes versed in the usual official parlance but there were a few clues in there. You can read the letter here if you wish, it isn’t too long and it will probably not be necessary to make a cup of tea first this time.

Graham Vine then asked: “Madame Chairman, may I ask if the Combined Community Councils are going to press the authorities for an entrance/exit from the bypass in South Nairn?”
“We’ve already started that,” replied Rosemary. “I just hope we’re around,” she then added with a touch of irony.

Brian Stewart then stated: “the two key points out of this letter are: 1) although it is only a tiny step forward, it is a slightly more solid assurance that the Nairn Bypass will at least be an early component of the larger A96 dualling scheme Given that the bypass is locked into that much bigger, more ambitious long-term thing the focus has to be now in making sure that it is one of the first bits to be done.

The other point at the end of that letter is that it was in reply to a point out of the joint committee meeting a month or two ago which also which also reminded Transport Scotland of the traffic and transit issues of the current A96 trunk road through Nairn and the letter does offer, or does inform us that Transport Scotland are doing further traffic studies or censuses or whatever they of the current transit through the town. I’m not holding my breath for conclusions that come up with brilliant new ideas on improving the traffic through Nairn but it is another strand on which we will keep pressing.”

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