Monday, July 29, 2013

Delnies Circular Walk - further concerns expressed by another Gurn reader

Another of our regular readers has contacted us with thoughts and images concerning the Delnies Circular Walk. Greg Riddle tells us:

"The attached photos were taken today between Easter Delnies and Hilton of Delnies.
Believe it or not I actually managed to ride this on a mountain bike, but I remember only a few years ago being able to push my youngest along here in a pram.
I think we've now lost this path competely, unless immediate action is taken to clear it.
Highland Council's website still lists this as a "Core Path" - what does that status mean exactly?
I know the Gurn has a broad readership and hopefully some of our local councillors will get this on the agenda with the Council.

Individual images here. Previous article here including comment from Colin MacAulay here.


Anonymous said...

Core Path designation doesn't come with any resources attached unfortunately. It does mean that there isn't any problem with access being blocked by a landowner. It does mean whenever special resources are made available, the paths can be improved / upgraded. We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic and committed Ranger Service - but they are a scarce and precious Council resource.
I've been told that the route is now clear - after 5 hours of strimming - and with additional input from Community Service.

Graisg said...

Good news Colin thanks.