Friday, July 19, 2013

Grass cutting stushie between the Community Councils on the way?

Gurnites will recall the recent Article "Good omens for River CC’s attempt to win back local control of grass cutting?" Following comment from Tommy Hogg of River CC at that meeting detailed in the article, Suburban's Dick Youngson has written a letter to "clarify the current views of Nairn Suburban Community Council", views which Dick says are shared by his colleagues in West Community Council.

In his letter Dick states: "There has been no proposal for the three Nairn Community Councils to become involved in the town's grass Cutting." He has quite a few other things to say. Here's the final paragraph:

"We all share a desire to see the present unsatisfactory situation over local maintenance services resolved. Any alternative arrangement needs to be realistic and sustainable. There are many different groups - voluntary organisations, NICE and others as well as the Community Councils  - who may have a role to play. It would be sensible, as well as courteous, for all relevant parties to be involved from the outset in discussing the aims and preparing plans."

View Dick's letter in its entirety here.  He gives a quite emphatic set of reasons as to why he thinks there are problems with River Community Council's approach. We now have a situation where we have a proposal going forward from River CC (with the support of Highland Councillors Colin and Liz) and Suburban and West CCs wanting some other type of solution that could involve groups like NICE. 

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