Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hogweed Heights - Lochloy Road, Nairn

The Gurn understands that some residents in the housing schemes down the far end of Lochloy Road   are growing increasing concerned about the large infestations of Giant Hogweed that are about to seed in the amenity area between the houses and the road. There are indeed many, many, fine specimens in full flower and with each plant capable of producing over a hundred thousand seeds this could be the year the plant takes over the area big-time. 
We spoke to one resident earlier this week who wants the authorities to act before it is too late and the plants seed. Larger picture here and another image here. 

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Anonymous said...

A good job for those on Community Service Orders imposed by the Courts. Also some of the fit unemployed may like a few days working for the good of the community that supports them. With suitable protective clothing, something to hack off the flower head and a spray of killer such a workforce could have a big effect on the giant hogweed.