Thursday, July 18, 2013

Springfield draft plan for Lochloy

See a larger image here. This area was previously zoned for housing so this simply represents a new application for the area. This observer would suggest that that would mean this application will not be refused, there may be room for manoeuvre when it comes to changes in the design however and now is the time to start making representations to the company and elected representatives and your community councils if you have any concerns, thoughts or simply if you support the project. Bearing in mind a topical issue in the Lochloy Road area just now, when asked about how the grass would be cut, the Springfield representative said that they work with one factoring company right across all their sites so that would be straight forward. Very interesting to see allotments included in the design too. 

UPDATE: Casting his experienced eye over the draft plan today was River CC's Chair, Tommy Hogg. Not much gets past oor Tommy.  Image below from Murray MacRae.


Brian Turner said...

A point of note is that the flats at the top left will have clear open views across the Moray Firth, and therefore wouldn't be surprised if these are sold as "luxury flats" and bought as holiday homes. Not sure if that's relevant, but am under the impression the flats at Old Bar Road were designated "affordable housing" in planning, but in practice were treated as anything but.

room with a view said...

@ Brian Turner

A point of note, some social housing in Nairn does have views of the firth, and not every home with a desirable outlook is a holiday home

Graisg said...

@binkiemc - yeah I very much take your point on that one.