Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brown water in part of the Fishertown

One of our regular readers sent us an image of how the water supply looked for a while this afternoon in a part of the Fishertown. Our correspondent rang Scottish Water and he says they said that such discolouration can sometimes be caused if the Fire Brigade have been testing hydrants and sediment is disturbed and that if you are suffering with the problem Scottish Water recommend that you run a kitchen tap for an hour or two until the sentiment clears. Call the Customer Helpline - 0845 601 8855 should you require further information. 
Our regular reader followed their advice and watered the garden and the water eventually returned to normal. Anyone else had a discoloured water water supply today?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what spin Scottish Water will put on this one? About time our water pipes were cleaned if there is this much sediment sitting in them?