Monday, July 29, 2013

The Story Trail - facebook feelers out

An interesting facebook page has appeared recently - The Story Trail.   Here's a little from that page:

"We would like to open a visitor attraction and childrens play area in the town of Nairn. It will be an indoor trail through different areas to spark childrens imagination, interactive, fun and educational. With a focus on interactive storytelling and different areas for imaginative play - can you help the Story Teller find the missing things for the final story? Follow the trail through the Time Traveller (take a ticket, make a ticket, pack your suitcase and read your maps!), Tea Party (feast, banquet or just a picnic!), Today I Am...(dress up station with all types of costumes weird and wonderful), My House (igloo or wigwam - which will you choose to play in? with interactive props and sensory areas), Puppet theatre, small soft play area and also the Story Tree where children can record themselves, write, read and send their stories, notes, marks and pictures to the Story Teller - then find a quiet place and hear the story you have made."

It is rather enigmatic however, in that there are no full details of who is behind the concept other than the mission statement "The local views of us Setting Up a Visitor Attraction/Play area as a Social Enterprise to help the Community of Nairn & surrounding area.",  but as a crowd-sourcing, scoping, consultation exercise (or whatever else you may wish to call it) it has attracted quite a lot of supportive comment. 

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