Sunday, July 21, 2013

In the time honoured Gurn tradition of never blogging (too much) after a couple of beers

Yes pictures to come soon of the Nairn Street Market from Gurn photographers, and also images from Murray and Donald. In the meantime we leave you with this wee taster from Murray. Was West Community Council Chair Rosemary Young holding a special Saturday feedback session? More images tomorrow. 


Stock Market said...

Has Rosemary thrown in the towel?

Stock Market said...

Who would all The Gurnite Fans like to see put in the stocks? should have an opinion poll with your vote cast on The Gurn, & if they would be so bold to host such a thing your vote would have to be made within 10days & when all the votes are counted the results would be then published, other blog sites up & down the country could follow suit & we could have a good going high yielding stock exchange. PS I have it on good authority that Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, George Osborne, Bank of England Governor Mark Cairney, Mr Tommy Hogg esq. are avid Gurnites readers & are hoping The Gurn will support my proposition regarding the vote exchange as it will go to help Britains economy.I await your reply in anticipation. SM