Monday, July 29, 2013

Traffic gurn again

One of our regular readers is a keen observer of the traffic jams, he tells us:

"Observed today major hold up's through Nairn West to East again. Fair dues to the BBC traffic as they had a notice that there were hold up's but as usual Traffic Scotland no mention at all.

I reported it to them but they didn't know about it either as they are fed the information from BEAR. The lassie was a good listener as I explained the problems at Nairn as she was not aware of this.
My phone number has been passed onto BEAR for them to give me a call, I wait with baited breath...
It's just a pain in the butt for locals and tourists alike.
Rant over
If I hear from them I will let you know."


Anonymous said...

Traffic tailed back west way past Sandown and that was quite early in the afternoon, likewise I heard that it was queuing from before Sainsbury's coming in from the east. I can only assume a problem with the infamous lights again as I didn't hear of any incidents on the road.

Perhaps we should get average speed cameras so folk can see just how long it takes a vehicle to travel from one end of the town to the other, and then we'll maybe get a bypass

Anonymous said...

The westbound traffic yesterday was horrendous. Backed up to the Auldearn turnoff heading west. Does anyone know the reason? Or just heavy holiday traffic?

Anonymous said...

The Leopold Street lights are really becoming a pain coupled with the ignorant drivers that go into the yellow box junction

Unknown said...

There was a 3 car accident at Raigmore Interchange about 3pm and all traffic came to a stand still. By about 4.30pm it was backed up past the A96 Camera at Delnies. MFR did report it (belatedly).

D.Ross said...

@ Matthew Hilton 1:57pm

Those were two separate incidents and the traffic from one did not join the other. I know I drove past the Inverness one (which was actually on the A96 on the dual bit between Tesco & the A9 & A96 interchange on the west bound side and involved 4 cars) this had the traffic solid through the retail park and back down the A96 for a bit. When I got closer to Nairn I hit tailbacks at the Delnies caravan site turn off! I like many others went down the now busy back roads to end up on the Cawdor road past the Hospital, then got caught up in solid traffic at the top of the High Street/Leopold Street! Then had to turn left & do the rat run down Albert Street/past the links to get to Fishertown, as the A96/King Street was solid!

Have done several trips out this week at different times and it is just the amount of traffic and the timings on the lights that is causing the solid tailbacks in either direction!

Not being able to organise the proverbial in a brewery springs to mind!

Anonymous said...

its the bloody lights at merryton that cause all the bother,get them torn oot and a mini roundabout in place instead,and get a fooking traffic warden to stand at lights at leopold st.snd catch the buggers that sit in box junctions,inconsiderate feckers.

Anonymous said...

Why not turn the lights off that do not have crossings on them during peak times?? Might be a start??