Monday, November 04, 2013

A96 Dualling Show On The Road

As we reported earlier on the Gurn the A96 dualling exhibition comes to Nairn on the 12th of this month. Details here.
Former Nairn resident Jason is not impressed with the Transport Scotland webpage highlighting the roadshows though. He has tweeted his take on it:


cabbage looking said...

Yeah let's all ride bicycles

Anonymous said...

We might have better public transport if not so many people owned and used cars. It's fine talking about cheaper train tickets to Elgin, but how many of us want to travel to a railway station? Once there and you want to travel outwith central Elgin it's a trek to the bus station, and you then have an end journey taking a couple of hours or more rather than the 25 minutes by car

NoPointGoing said...

What a complete and utter waste of time. Transport Scotland and BEAR held a similar roadshow in September and December last year. Many many recommendations and suggestions were made to improve the traffic flow through Nairn. These were taken on board and an action plan created.....
But what has happened ?
None of the improvements identified and agreed have been implemented NOT ONE. The simplest being road markings to stop the mini roundabout getting continuously blocked. These included lines and approach arrows on both east and west approaches.
Also improved signage and consolidation and removal of redundant signs.
BUT not one single positive action has been implemented.