Sunday, November 17, 2013

Smash and grab type raid on Lochloy Junction Scotmid Co-op?

The Gurn understands that the Scotmid shop at the Lochloy Road/A96 junction was entered last night after  a pane of glass in the door was smashed and a quantity of alcohol was perhaps taken from the premises. The disruption caused by the raid/attack(?) seems to be minimal this morning with the shop trading as normal. Picture taken around 08.30 this morning.


Graisg said...

@anon - re police response times. Police Officers generally attend Community Council meetings if circumstances allow and answer questions from the "usual suspects" and also members of the public. If they are unable to answer a question on the spot they do go away however and ensure a response comes back.
It is perhaps to one of the CC meetings you should go with your question.

toon loon said...

The series of smash-and-grab raids in recent weeks - on homes in Auldearn and Nairn, at Bridgemill, and now on this Co-op - is a worrying development.

There has always, sadly, been some petty theft and vandalism (stolen bikes, damaged cars, the occasional smashed window) in Nairn. But this recent spate of incidents suggest more serious criminal activity against targeted premises.

Good security and low levels of crime have been part of the reason for Nairn's good quality of life (recently discussed in other Gurn posts). It's important for all of us - police, elected officials and local residents - to do whatever we can to keep Nairn safe.

That needs more than public statements about health policy and complaints to Community Councils. We all need to help to look after our town and those who live and work in it.

Anonymous said...

After 13 (if the tally from this site is correct) home break ins, three commercial premises burgled and several vehicles stolen, I think we need statements, updates and information on what to look for from the police, not to leave our homes empty to go out to pose questions at community council meetings.
People are getting afraid to leave their homes. I know that, I for one! am getting very nervous whenever I am out.
With Highland Council wanting to build more and more homes in Nairn, wouldn't it be more politic to provide us with a fully manned, fully dedicated police station that has a fully dedicated phone line and fully dedicated front desk and this is before any plans are put forward to increase our town's population.
It is more than obvious from this 'crime spree' that what we have is not adequate.
Angry and worried from Nairn

Graisg said...

Afternoon anonymous, from observing what police reps have to say at CC meetings this observer understands that police numbers in Nairn are the same as before reorganisation and with one extra sergeant too. I would suggest we are well served by our local police officers - it is criminals that are to blame for this crime wave not them.

We have to help the police catch criminals and to do that we have to report anything suspicious. They cannot be everywhere, we have to help them.

Graisg said...

There is a report about recent crimes in the Nairn and Forres areas on the Forres Gazzette site with information from the police - Click here.

Anonymous said...

The criminals may be responsible for the crimes but I don't see that much is being achieved in the catching of them, which _is_ the responsibility of the police. Nairn must be getting a really good reputation for rich and easy pickings.
Many of these commercial premises have security and CCTV and yet still no-one is being caught. The police telling the public to be vigilant is about as useful as them telling us to look both ways before we cross the road.
My home is alarmed and that alarm goes to the police station, but I am still worried when I go out.
To date there seems to be no information about _what_ we should be looking for, what type of activity to report or what else we might do to protect our homes other than stay in them with the doors locked.
'Worried in Nairn'