Saturday, November 09, 2013

Thinking Scottish Town Centres

Our regular reader Iain draws our attention to a very interesting web site called “Scotland’s Towns”, It is a campaign site and think tank, focusing on regeneration of Scotland’s towns. Iain also draws our attention to this news article here on the site

Iain also points to a paragraph in the Highland Council Inner Moray Firth Plan, page 10 of this document. Amongst a series of proposals for Nairn is one for regeneration of the town centre that will probably not find itself embroiled in anything like the potential controversy that perhaps awaits other proposals in the document. It simply reads:

“The Highland Council will participate in preparation of a development brief led by the local NICE community group. The Highland Council to consider adoption as Supplementary Guidance.”

Again on the High Street, one or two Gurnites have drawn our attention to the closure of M&Co in Forres and speculated as to the long term fate of the store in Nairn. The M&CO premises (formerly Mackays) is a key store in the Nairn High Street.  We contacted M&CO and they confirmed to the Gurn that there are no plans to close the store. 

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