Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Gurn twitter list - local politics

This observer realises that this topic will perhaps not attract the attention of too many Gurnites but on the Gurn twitter account we have a list that gives you the latest tweets from local politicians that have a twitter account. Most flavours are represented but it is perhaps a little SNP heavy. There are no Tories but we will add any  if they are there. Here's the list. 

If you are a politician or local poltical organisation and are not on the list please let us know.

Here's a tweet we noticed earlier, Liz continues to concentrate on the macro issues.


Anonymous said...

I've only noted Liz and Colin on social media on a regular basis. To be honest most of their posts read like press releases from the SNP and they don't seem to mention much by the way of issues local to Nairn, areas I would have thought that our councillors might concentrate on. Maybe there's nothing interesting happening in Nairn?

Anonymous said...

Let us hope the UK government, what would be left of it, is generous to the people of an independent Scotland when the oil runs out, the lights go out and the food banks need stocking up.

Aye said...

Let us hope that the Scottish government after Independence is generous to the people of the UK (what is left of it) as the Westminster government continues to dismantle and sell off the NHS, tax the poorest in society out of their homes, and continues to reward the select few such as bankers with massive bonuses. May Londoners still enjoy the highest per head capita spending, and may the tories rule forever more
It's thanks to the current Westminster government that we have food banks on an unprecedented scale and the Red Cross are having to hand out food in the UK
Still anon if this is what you really want then a No vote is definitely the option for you

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that the voters of Nairn kick out party politics next time we elect our councillors, as already said their comments on social media tend to be either SNP propaganda or supporting the SNP ruling body on Highland Council, not supporting the people of Nairn

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:15

And how exactly do we 'kick out' party politics, vote for no-one?