Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday morning miscellany.

Friday started off as a dull news day but a few things surfaced during the day (scroll down the Gurn to read them) and there was, of course, always going to be the extravaganza in the evening. The skies looked kind as dusk fell and  the weather stayed mild for the switching on of the Christmas lights and the subsequent entertainment. Another fantastic success for all involved!

Yesterday we reported the survey that has this area listed as the fourth worst area to live in the UK, the survey article is here, Liz commented here and now Colin has reacted - he told the Gurn: 

"A multi-factorial analysis - weighing up all kinds of factors - all carefully weighted and calculated and coming up with the wrong answer of course!
The whole of the Highlands is in there - as is most of Scotland - simply ridiculous.
However, on the one hand its a very sad indictment of Westminster simply disregarding Scotland's interests over the past 50 years.

Scotland resources paid for Thatcher's deindustrialisation - and Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron - used us all as a cash cown to bolster the City of London's vested interests. The lack of infrastructure and low wages and ill-health and an elderly population will be contributory elements - across Scotland, across Highland and of course here in the ancient and Royal Burgh of Nairn.

BUT - We all know that Nairn and the Highlands in general are far, far higher on important quality of life indicators - which is why we've secured inward migration over recent years.
We can't be complacent - we need to protect the quality that we already have, whilst still attracting economic development and a younger demographic profile.
And although not perfect - that is the underlying purpose of the much maligned HWLDP and proposed IMFLDP!"

Colin also recommends a site for what he considers more balanced reporting on Scottish Affairs - Newsnet Scotland.

Meanwhile more anecdotal evidence of Nairn perhaps being first in line once the new A96 strategic road is constructed comes from Dave, one of our regular readers and a Dyke resident. It looks like the Moray section isn't  at the same stage as the Inverness-Nairn is. He told the Gurn yesterday evening: 

"Just come home from the roadshow in the Ramnee Hotel and very disapointed. Only the Inverness to Nairn section is at Stage 2 with all those exciting black lines across the map. The rest of the A96 is only at Stage 1 so they had nothing to show us :-(
The maps of the existing network offer little confidence when you notice places marked like Glenburggie Distillery (sic.).
However, I will fill in a comments form and hope to keep breathing until the next stage."

Have a good Saturday Gurnshire, it looks mild out there again. Perhaps see some of you up at Station Park this afternoon? 


DavidS said...

Strongly agree with Colin regarding Newsnet Scotland. A different take on Scottish news and you can see the stuff that the BBC chooses not to report on.

Graisg said...

Thank you anon 17.26 where you state you disagree with Colin and also mention Liz's planning situation. I think your comments are a bit too strong however and have decided not to publish.

Saltire tinted specs said...

Newsnet balanced, really? Maybe if you're an SNP politician it looks a little better than say the BBC, but then Colin is an SNP politician