Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Become a friend of the River Nairn?

The Gurn has been sent a copy of a press release that will interest many of our regular readers who show an interest in the health of the River Nairn and the flora and fauna both in the water and the environment nearby and maybe would like to do something to help preserve and improve that environment. Here's what the FNFLFT has to say:

"The Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust is inviting everyone interested in the health of their local rivers to become a Friend of the Trust. Today we are launching a new way to support the conservation and restoration of the Rivers Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie.

Individuals and organisations who want our local rivers to thrive and sustain healthy populations of salmon and trout, can join a new Friend’s scheme. Becoming a Friend will enable the Trust to continue improving river habitats, monitoring fish populations, and advising farmers, landowners and developers on how to improve river habitats.

Becoming a Friend costs from £25 a year and in return Friends will receive regular updates and newsletters on the Trust’s activities and information on volunteering opportunities to control predators and otherinvasive species that affect the ecology of our rivers. Friends will be welcome to attend Annual General Meetings and talks or visits organised by the Trust.

Bob Laughton, the Trust’s Director, has been busy monitoring fish populations this summer, and although it hasn’t been a good year for anglers, there are plenty of young fish in the rivers. Bob and his team of volunteers have been eradicating Giant Hogweed and controlling mink.

Bob Laughton, Director of the Trust said “I am delighted with the progress that the Trust has made on improving the three rivers. We have removed two significant barriers, helped formulate conservation policies, started the battle against hogweed and crayfish, as well gathering valuable data on the rivers’ fish populations. There is much more work to be done and this can only be achieved with the continued support of anglers and general public. I have been delighted with the volunteer support so far and I am grateful for their help in controlling hogweed and mink.”

The Trust works closely with all the organisations entrusted with caring for our rivers- the District Salmon Fishery Boards, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, local councils and environmental organisations. The Trust is also currently liaising with the Forres and Elgin Flood Alleviation schemes and monitoring wind farm developments in the area.

Major General Seymour Monro, the Chair of the Trust, said “The Trust is taking action to restore native fish stocks and to improve river habitats. Our rivers and fish are important natural resources and part of the heritage of our countryside. We would welcome the support of even more people to help us to continue our work.”

Find out more about the Trust and its activities, and to become a Friend, look out for our new leaflet, visit our website www.fnlft.org.uk or contact the Fisheries Office on 01309 611220."

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