Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cawdor Rd,Balblair Rd junction - water on the road - a cold weather danger?

One of our regular readers reported water running onto the road at the Station Brae junction. Water does indeed seem to be appearing from somewhere out of the wall below the Council yard and running onto the road at the point where vehicles have to break to stop. It was a dry day today but despite that vehicles were spreading the moisture onto both sides of the roads. Our correspondent is worried that this junction will become very dangerous when the inevitable hard frosts of winter arrive.  Image below and more images here. 


Anonymous said...

Don't panic!Just Dirty Weeker Tears
rollin doon til hill.

gridlock said...

It's a really bad junction for several reasons.

The low height of the bridge means it's difficult for motorists to see much of what's coming by way of traffic in the other direction. This is especially true of high vehicles such as vans that use the nearby council depot

If parts of the footpath have two lots of pedestrians going in opposite direction with prams then they often have to step out into the road to pass each other

Some vehicles ignore the give way signs and head into the path of approaching vehicles that do have the right of way.

The queuing chicane type layout means sometimes vehicles block the entry into Balblair Road equalling gridlock

The road is used by ambulances travelling to and from the hospital, these are occasionally trying to travel and speed

Exiting from Balblair Road into Cawdor Rd is now very tricky

There is sometimes a tendency for vehicles to speed up to get through the junction

The area under the bridge floods in heavy rainfall making the road and pavement impassible

The wet issue mentioned by the Gurn

Just after schools come out the volume of traffic means there are long tailbacks for vehicle coming into town trying to get past the junction

All in all it's not good

Anonymous said...


In essence then the chicane has caused more problems than its cured..

Nothing else has changed much since I was a lad in 1960, we also had rail parcel lorries and freight, Nairn laundry vans and lorries, regular buses from Cawdor etc.

Anonymous said...

still pouring down there today !