Friday, November 22, 2013

"Your town needs you" - Nairn mentions in the Inverness Courier today

A picture of one of the Nairn Academy pupils casting their vote in yesterday's mock referendum election on the front page. Inside an article on the Association of Nairn Businesses's "Nairn needs you!" campaign which uses the image from the Kitchener World War 1 recruiting poster. There are also comments from Nairn traders. The ANB campaign is also on line on Facebook here. 
In the second section there is an interview with Michael Green outlining tomorrow's @Comedy Nairn event in the Community Centre. Michael also goes into his ambitions for a comedy festival in Nairn. 
More in the Courier in an artilce "Green wants comics to come to Nairn for its greens."

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Anonymous said...

In the article Michael seems to make more of getting visitors into the town's restaurants on the back of the event than the comedy itself. To give him his due Michael seems to have had several money making ideas for some of the towns businesses since he was elected. I'm not aware of other Nairn councillors matching his ideas?