Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nairn Tourism - article on BBC site

"Seaside town needs tourism boost suggests report" more on the BBC site. Mention there of our positive attributes as a destination. One thing missing perhaps, surely our best beach status is worth inclusion? Regular readers will remember the good news back in Februray when Trip Advisor bestowed the Best Scottish Beach status upon Nairn. 

The Beeb article refers to a Highland Council report that Liz, Colin, Michael and Laurie and the Badenoch and Strathspey councillors will be discussing next week and can be seen here.  No mention of the Trip Advisor accolade there either. Any reaction out there to the Council report from anyone involved in Nairn's toursim sector?


from the cats tongue said...

I think my cat could probably knock out a better report than the one that the Highland Council Tourist mannie managed.

The Gurn rightly points us to Tripadvisor and the reviews that Nairn receives there. It may come as a shock to Highland Tourist staff but Tripadvisor is where folk go to look when they are planning a holiday. Look at the comments that real tourists leave.

You don't need reports quoting tourist numbers, nor committees to chew over them to try and make sense of the numbers and then suggest improvements, this is 2013, not 1913

Or how about we ask those people who run tourist establishments what their guests would like to see?

There has been plenty of criticism in the past of the likes of Visit Scotland and yet here we seem to have yet another quango that will bring very little to Nairn in terms of tourism

If you want to make a real improvement to Nairn get rid of the sodding traffic lights, both Nairnites and tourists would then be smiling, or least that's what my cat says

Cheese and wine said...

Gosh, mention of our sadly defunct Jazz Festival but no mention of Cinema Nairn. Tourists always flock to our esteemed cinema

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wonder how much the HC spent coming up with that revelation?

cyncial said...

Hopefully the area committee chaired by Cllr Liz MacDonald will have read and digested the report outlined by the Gurn before their next meeting. The key part of the report is the recommendation. What's the betting they decide to go away and think about it rather than bring anything concrete to the table, indeed will they ever bring much to Nairn tourism? How about we start with a dedicated tourism information centre or should we leave it all to the leaflets in the community centre and let VisitNairn handle web searches?
For years the council and the likes of Visit Scotland have been getting it wrong, and call me cynical but I expect nothing to come from the area committee but some expensive hot air

8. Recommendation
The Committee is invited to:
i. note the importance of tourism to the local economy;
ii. consider whether there is any further role the Council can play in assisting the tourism industry in the development of tourism in Nairn; and
iii. consider how tourism growth can best be supported by the Area Committee, both directly and indirectly through the planning and delivery of other Council services.

Anonymous said...

Councillor MacDonald chairing the committee, will congratulate the official for the report. That's what they always do and always have done.

Anonymous said...

the cats right, get rid of the traffic lights now, if not them all the ones at albert st. whoever came up with them needs their head looking at

Anonymous said...

No council reports, meetings, or committees, just what folk thought of our beach - magic.

Promote the hell out of this whilst we can, oh I forgot, it'd have to go to a meeting, then a committee, and they'd probably want to commission a report before they'd do anything, and that'd probably be just to meet up and say the report's okay