Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Land at Nairn's Sandown worth almost half it was in 2007"

Another of our readers sends us the link to a BBC page (with the above headline) that has details of the latest estimation of the value of the Sandown lands and a precis of recent planning events in Nairn. Sandown is now worth £6m. The beeb have obviously seen the agenda and associated documents for the forthcoming meeting of the the Nairn and Badenoch and Srathspey area committee on Tuesday the 3rd of December. There is a report from the Director of Finance with lots of details about the present position of the Nairn Common Good in this report here

They'll be discussing tourism in Nairn next Tuesday too - here's more from the agenda:

"i.  note the importance of tourism to the local economy;
ii.  consider whether there is any further role the Council can play in assisting
    the tourism industry in the development of tourism in Nairn; and
iii. consider how tourism growth can best be supported by the Area
    Committee, both directly and indirectly through the planning and delivery of
    other Council services."     There's a detailed report here.

There's also an item about a town centre action plan for Nairn here.   The full agenda of the area committee is here. 

The Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey Area Committee - a new invention that might make a difference for Nairn or a toothless paper tiger for politicians to posture and fire off a few soundbites for the webcam? Time will tell.  


Anonymous said...

The committee pays it's members some good wages, so there's a good reason for it's existence

Graisg said...

Anon, I think it is only the area leader's post that attracts an extra payment the rest don't get anything extra for this.

Anonymous said...

Nairn Common Good Funds ‐ Monitoring report to 31 October 2013
How can there be expenditure of £645.00 for water charges at Marine Road Public Toilets ? These toilets are closed.

keep calm said...

Don't tell Highland Council that the value of Sandown land has crashed or they'll want another chunk of it to pay off our debt which has no doubt remained as was