Thursday, November 21, 2013

The wisdom of Iain Bain: “Will we ever see a Nairn bypass?”

An erudite elucidation on the prospects for a Nairn Bypass from Iain this week in the NT. It’s very much worth reading if you haven’t done so yet. Iain talks about the shock delivered by Transport Scotland in the Golf View last Tuesday with all those new lines on the map and much, much more. This observer finds the following wee extract perhaps the most relevant and if reactions this observer is hearing on the street are anything to go by then Iain is bang on the money:

”…When the present Scottish Government decided that the Nairn Bypass would go forward in the context of dualling the A96 there was a feeling that the goal-posts had been moved: that a project which was ahead of many others would now be under reconsideration. Last Tuesday’s revelation indicates just how much reconsideration there could be.”  More in the same vein in this week’s edition of the NT. 

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not as green as I'm cabbage looking said...

A couple of months from now we'll probably have had some wintery weather and our roads will be riddled with the pox of pot holes.

There are still outstanding road repairs from several winters ago deemed too expensive to put right, and yet here we are debating as to when the first bulldozer might appear on the horizon marking the first day of the building of the new Nairn bypass

It's apparent that we don't have the funds to maintain our current highways so what madness is proposing yet more miles of new tarmac?

No doubt a politician will explain how we can afford everything whilst in reality we can afford nothing