Monday, November 11, 2013

Banning new off-sales - Liz has an opinion


get real said...

Most folk haven't got the money to 'stock up'

Spurtle said...

While the idea of preventing new off licenses seems laudible, the fact is that any controls that the authorities had oevr the sale of alchohol went to hell on a handcart when they started dishing licenses out to supermarkets and convenience stores.

Years ago in the pub trade there was at least a degree of control over the supply of alchohol. These days there are many publicans whose customers are well oiled before they even get through the door on cheap supermarket booze.

The result will be more pubs go out of business, so the whole situation gradually gets worse and worse.

Is it possible to remedy the situation with excess drinking in the UK?

Personally I don't think so.

So much of British life revolves around having a drink that , as a nation, there would need to be some form of mass hypnotism to effect a shift in current alchohol consumption levels.

waste of breath said...

the council deciding whether we should have more off licences or not - if no then a longer walk to get 12 cans for a tenner or whatever