Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good turnout at A96 dualling roadshow - potential Nairn bypass routes on display

At midday today it wasn't long before the long room at the back of the Golf View filled up with citizens anxious for a look at the maps and the associated material on display. The maps showed the potential lines and there seem to be a few more this time round. There is still no exit/entrance planned for the South Nairn area so this will still remain a point of debate although one of the Transport Scotland officials present did say to this observer in response to that point that with a bypass a lot of the rat running would come to an end an possibly alleviate problems in the town. 
The road show runs until 7.p.m this evening - further details here you can also access online copies of leaflets etc on that page including this PDF file where the routes can be seen on pages 3 & 4. 
Spotlight on Laurie as a camera crew thrust a microphone in his direction

A table containing large scale OS maps of each of the routes becomes very popular

Gurnmeisters view: definitely  a step forward and good to see maps but a lot of people will be upset by these routes that is certain. Any of the proposed routes will spoil views and perhaps house prices. It is however, still a promise - a promise with a timetable yes but let's not forget that that events could intervene in an unforeseen fashion. There is a referendum to be held within twelve months and we don't know yet whether Scotland will be independent or not or somewhere less under the influence of Westminster should the London parties guarantee, say, devolution max if people vote no. All post referendum scenarios might have an impact on budgets. Just take one scenario - what would the first government after Independence look like and would they feel bound by the promises outlined on the boards and the tables in the Golf View today? 

Good to see however and the SNP Holyrood administration should be congratulated for taking things this far but the mantra "It'll never happen in my lifetime" still holds for many. There was one Nairn resident there today who said he first say a line for a bypass drawn on a map in 1962. It would have been nice to see a fleet of earth-movers and JCBs lined up outside the Golf View today but if all goes well perhaps Laurie will still be wearing  the chain when the worthies assemble to open the Nairn bypass in a few years time?

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