Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Nairn quine's impressions of America

This observer has enjoyed reading the latest postings on Le Blanc Le Blog (Pam Le Blanc, aka Charlie Black's daughter). Her impressions of America and her comparisons with life in Scotland are very interesting. Pam's latest posting details her five favourite things about America and 5 of her least favourite things. Le Blanc Le Blog from Murfreesboro, Tenesee is available here. 


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this post and thought I would add my likes and dislikes about living in the USA . We are here for about 3 months visiting family, which is the best thing naturally. Discounting family here are my 5 likes.
1) the weather ( creaping up to the 80s now)
2) the National and State parks ( great to see buffalo,grizzlies,moose etc in their natural surroundings)
3) Beer especially Moose Drool ice cold enjoyed outside in sunshine
4) the people, those we meet are very courteous and friendly although half the time I do not think they understand our accent!!
5) Hummingbirds I could sit and watch them for hours-----in fact I do !!
1) the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car.
2)the truck I am driving gets 14miles per gallon
3) the misuse of the word good e.g. How are you today? Answer I'm good thank you
4) I have not seen a roadrunner yet.
5) definitely the worst thing in my humble opinion is the speed in which my Duty Free has evaporated!!!
I will now take my tongue out of my cheek and to you all in Gurnland ---HAVE A NICE DAY

LeBlanc LeBlog said...

LOL Chris! Took me ages to get used to the steering wheel and I've lived here for a total of 7 years now and I sadly haven't seen a roadrunner yet either :) Enjoy the rest of your 3 months!