Friday, March 07, 2014

Tradeway High Street store to close

Customers of the shop on the High Street are expressing their sympathy on a posting on the business's facebook page which reads:

"It is with regret we are having a Total Stock Clearance of all gifts, jewellery & kitchenware in our High St shop due to closure!!!! Grab a bargain from Sat until the end of the month. Shiela Fleet, Ness, Stellar gifts included - get your Mothers Day gifts cheap while you can"

Undoubtedly the closure of the iconic premises which have been a feature of the High Street for a considerable number of years will be a heavy blow to the town centre. The Tradeway facebook page is here.


Anonymous said...

Very sad to see this store close. Something needs to be done and we do all need to support our High Street. IMHO I feel we need more niche shops e.g. a specialist baker like the Findhorn bakery (their bread is only available currently in one outlet in Nairn). A proper independent coffee shop with comfortable sofas, free wifi, artisan bakes etc - something different to the norm! Just my thoughts....

Artisan said...

A High Street full of coffee shops? Brilliant, I suppose it's something Sainsbury's can't copy, and the shop you describe with the sofas and wi-fi will enjoy the customers who buy one cup of coffee and spend hours nursing it for the free wireless!

The High Street is finished, lets move on

Anonymous said...

If that's the general attitude it certainly is finished. Typical parochial negativity that dismisses any constructive suggestions. We do need something different on our high street and it can work but maybe the typical locals don't want it to work?

Spurtle said...

The High Street is finished, lets move on

Load of b*******.

Perhaps for the web savvy generation who think that Amazon and eBay are a retail panacea but what use is the internet if you want a haircut,a packet of fags, a bacon roll and a mug of tea with your friends, a key cut, your bike repaired or half a dozen eggs for the cake you halfway through making?

Truth is that an awful lot of goods perceived as cheaper online aren't the bargains they seem.

By the time you've paid carriage charges, or had a quality issue, or been messed around by the delivery company, the 'bargain' may not be anything of the sort.

and many people today don't seem to understand the difference between price and cost.

I can buy some stuff cheaper in Inverness than in Nairn; the price of the goods is lower.

but I need to drive to Inverness, or get the bus or train. That's my time and more money.

The 'cost' of buying the cheaper item in Inverness is actually more than buying it in Nairn.

Regardless of what the doom mongers say, there will still be shops on British high streets when they are getting all nostalgic and telling their grandkids' how great the high street was back in 2014.

Anonymous said...

well said spurtle

The only way was Nairn said...

The current use of High Street shops is more complex than first appears

True there are those people who don't have to consider prices and may not even be aware as to where the cheapest place is for them to shop. Nairn High Street is just convenient for them

But there is also a group of people who cannot afford a computer, internet access, car, bus ticket to Inverness who are forced to use our High Street, and for some even the likes of Sainsbury's might be too far due to having to carry their shopping home

But the High Street is in demise, admittedly a few shops that offer a service as Spurtle points out may survive

Doing all your shopping in Nairn is no longer an option though. For example you can no longer buy a pair of shoes, so at some stage even the loyal customers or those without their own transport are going to have to make a journey to the likes of Inverness, and as we see shops close this situation can only get worse

Anonymous said...

Main problem with the high street is not the shops but the landlords who never put their rental prices down even when the nation was in a recession.