Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The forthcoming town centre charrette

Given recent news of shops closing on the High Street, the town centre charrette being held next month by the Highland Council and the NICE organisation can't come soon enough. This evening River Community Council published a copy of the Charrette document which details the event's Vision and aims etc. 

Here's a little bit of information from that document:

"Project Aims
The aims of the Charrette would be to:
• prepare a masterplan that identifies projects that can achieve an increase in footfall and investment in the centre;
• identify proposals for optimising access to and from the town centre, movement within and around the centre, and the ease of access to services and facilities and related areas; and
• explore mechanisms and funding processes for delivering improvements including the potential for a catalyst project.

In order to achieve these aims, the Charrette will be expected to deliver a masterplan that includes:
• a review of new and existing opportunities for regeneration within the town centre or other related areas;
• addressing the balance between discouraging through-traffic but encouraging footfall in the 
town centre, including understanding requirements for car and coach parking;
• exploring opportunities for increasing Active Travel and Public Transport – improve the quality of pedestrian and cycle links and possible relocation of the bus station;
• improving the quality of the built and natural environment, particularly physical appearance of existing buildings, and opportunities for spaces to meeting and socialising; and
• improving utilisation of vacant sites and buildings and underused upper floors."

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