Thursday, March 06, 2014

Town centre business moves to Blamakeith industrial estate

The Chartered Accountants, Goldwells moved this week to Balmakeith industrial estate. They are now located on the first floor above Moray College at Unit 10B.

The High Street's  (Gordon Street's to be precise) loss will be the industrial estate's gain, there have other businesses moving into Balmakeith recently both into existing units and onto sites that have been vacant for some time.  

In other moves, Gift Pearls are flitting from their Cawdor Road premises to take up residence in the former Whyte House cafe. Sadly further up the High Street, Paper Bird is to cease trading at the end of this month. 


Anonymous said...

and who is to blame for shops closing on high street?its the greedy council.ohhh yes,,let sainsurys in with their big shop,look at the rates/c/tax etc we can rake in,not a thought about small shops that cant compete.look at the rates/c/tax they are losing now,greed greed greed,

Anonymous said...

Highland council has the Small Business Bonus Scheme to help out as it says on the tin 'small businesses

Taking that the council has to raise monies from somewhere I wonder where Anon 3:57 would suggest that the council do that? Many raining the council tax that householders pay to support businesses? I don't think you would have many supporters for that

All too easy to sit behind a keyboard and knock the council. Unfortunately small High St shops are failing throughout the country. You can blame out of town shops but the larger culprit is internet shopping, no High St rates to pay at all for on-line businesses

Anonymous said...

Sainsbury's - didn't they get in up there simply because of public support and not the council?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sainsburys , the very reason why our High Street is suffering. It was only a matter of time, public pressure demanded Sainsburys, now they have it - suffer the consequences

Anonymous said...

The main product that Sainsbury's sell is food. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I've failed to notice any shops that sell food on the High St closing, and am still surprised by the fact that the Co-op continues to operate two stores in close proximity.
It's easy to blame Sainsbury's but exactly what trade are they taking from the High St, they sell a few clothes but I've not noticed any of our clothes shops closing either
Our shopping habits have changed and as already mentioned the internet has seen a large growth

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there are many different reasons why it's becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to survive on the High Street - main reason for the demise ( which is increasing in pace in Nairn!!!) is basically not enough foot fall on the street - all of our local shops offer fantastic honest year round competitive prices and are passionate about giving a great service to all. The Sainsbury effect has certainly not helped the High St. Yes, our shopping habits have changed we have become so blinkered to alleged bargains on the net.