Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Someone needs to take responsibility for what is happening to Nairn High street"

The much criticised shop front improvement fund for Nairn High street came in for renewed scrutiny in yesterday's edition of the Inverness Courier. Complaints again about the complicated hoops that shopkeepers have to jump through to get access to the 60K cash that was obtained from Sainsbury's as part of the planning agreement to allow the superstore giant into Nairn. 

Steve Smith is quoted as saying someone had to take responsibility for the appalling situation in Nairn High Street.
"There is this perception that you don't have to do anything because there is a beach in Nairn. People see a busy beach in the summer and think the place is thriving, but it's not. And the problem is it doesn't seem to be anybody's role to sort it out."


Anonymous said...

If only there had been a lot of hoops put in front of the idiot who designed the traffic management system, AKA traffic jam system, paid for by money extorted out of Sainsburys, Nairn would be a far better place. Our carbon footprint must have increased many times with all the stop go, low gear traffic passing through. There should be health hazard signs along the main road with all the noxious gasses being pumped out by the stationary traffic.

Anonymous said...

Our beaches are free and beautiful. Why do some people equate thriving with spending money?

The High St is dying in front of us, and that's not going to change with a lick of paint

I know I'd rather have a walk on the beach than one up the High Street

Anonymous said...

whos got the money for the projected clock supposed to be installed in castle square?